Ньят (toh_kee_tay) wrote,


немного фоторафий из блога под названием

"How to see without a camera"

дети вас не забудут (с. Остап Бендер)

by Sergio Larrain - Daughters of fishermen in the village of Horcones, 1957

by Leonard Freed - London, England, 1971

by Dorothea Lange - Child living in Oklahoma City shacktown. August 1936, for the Farm Security Administration

by Francisco Ontañón - Kid with a gun, Barcelona, 1959

by Carlo Bevilacqua - Catari, 1960

by Stephen Shames - Cigarette, Cincinnati, 1985

Princess Yvonne and Prince Alexander by their mother, Princess Marianne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn. 1955

By W. Eugene Smith - Spain. Extremadura. Province of Caceres. Deleitosa. 1951. Children in school

by Maureen Bisilliat

by Willy Ronis - Summer holiday, 1946

by Antanas Sutkus

by George Miller - 5-year old Bonni Gelman and her German Shepherd, Wolf, await examination at the newly opened Animal Medical Center. New York, 1962

by Paolo Magnifichi - Italy, ca. 1960

by Roman Vishniac - Writing a letter to his mother, who is working in Lodz. Warsaw, 1937

by Bert Hardy - Smiling children run along behind a parson in the East End during the Blitz

by Bert Hardy - Youngsters enjoy a kickabout in Glasgow in 1948

by Anders Petersen

by Daido Moriyama

by Adelino Lyon de Castro - Children observing by the window, Portugal, 1953

by Arthur Tress - Girl in Painted Spotlight, New York City, 1968

by Erich Lessing - a children’s fashion show, vienna, austria, 1954

by Alfred Eisenstaedt - First Lesson, Berlin 1931

by Sabine Weiss - Portugal, 1954

by Hiroshi Hamaya - Children singing in a snow cave, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, 1956

by Eva Besnyö - Gypsy Boy with Cello, Hungary, 1931

by Wayne Miller - Naples, Italy, 1944

by Francesc Català-Roca - Madrid, 1955

by Edith Tudor-Hart - A child stares into a Whitechapel bakery window, London, 1935

by Édouard Boubat - Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, 1948

by Henri Cartier-Bresson - Sarajevo, 1965

"How to see without a camera" - http://howtoseewithoutacamera.tumblr.com/
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